weareyourfriends -- sparkling events by mutual friends

01. weareyour...whats?

weareyourfriends is about connecting mutual friends. It's a new public concept for local events: two Facebook friends invite all their mutual friends for an offline meetup.

02. ok, but why?

  • short answer: because it's fun!
  • long answer: we're all craving for offline experiences, for tangible and authentic moments in this maniac like-retweet-instagrammed world. And we like to share these moments with the people around us. WAYF is bringing online connections back to the real world -- mobilizing the unique group of talents between two Facebook friends. This results in a unique mix of people, of talents. A great mix for a sparkling event.

03. so when / where is the next event?

That depends on you. Weareyourfriends can pop up in every form. From a party to a picknick, a balloon flight to a movie night. Your imagination is the limit.

04. how can I be involved?

If you would like to organise the next chapter of weareyourfriends, please check our Seven-steps-to-your-own-WAYF-guide or drop us a line: questions@weareyourfriends.in